Oats Cookies


A variety of  cookie that has its own unique taste of yoghurt. This is just another version for the Nankhatai. This cookie is very easy to make but I decided to give it one more twist by adding a part of grounded porridge oats instead of refined flour to give it a healthier look. This eggless cookie with a slight crisp makes a fantastic difference along with a cup of tea or coffee.



All-purpose flour – 1 cup.

Grounded porridge oats – 1 cup.

Semolina-  ½ cup.

Margarine or Clarified butter – ¾ cup.

Castor sugar- 1 cup.

Yoghurt – ¼cup.

Green Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon.

Baking powder-  1 teaspoon.


1. Cream together the softened margarine or clarified butter with sugar in a food processor or any stand or hand mixer. Give it a rest for 10 minutes.

2. Mix all the dry ingredients well. Add this to the creamed butter and sugar. Cream again until all is combining well to a cookie dough. Remove the dough and give it a rest for half an hour in a cool place.

This is how the dough looks once its combined and could easily be rolled onto your palms.

3. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees Centigrade and grease a baking tray.

4. Make small balls out of the dough and place them on the tray leaving an inch space between each one of them (the balls will flatten on its own once baked).

5. Bake for 20 minutes and let them rest in the oven for 10 minutes before transferring them on to a cooling rack. Once cool store in a airtight container. Serve with tea or coffee or milk.


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