Orange-Red velvet cake

Orange-Red Velvet cake was an unusual idea that came up inspired by the popular red velvet cake. Green and blue velvet cakes are also famous now  days, this light chocolate flavoured cake is moist, delicious and an elegant cake any time. The legendary red velvet cake is so called for its distinctive red colour. I gave it an orange red colour which goes very well with any simple white frosting. Like any regular velvet cake here too I have used cocoa which gives that unique colour by the chemical reaction of the acid from the buttermilk or yoghurt, cocoa and baking soda. A regular red velvet cake tends to be dry but this recipe makes an elegant seven inch moist cake and can also be turned into small cupcakes. It even tastes better and better with any rich cream frosting decorated with sprinkles or chocolate or sugar marbles. Like all the other recipes on my list I have substituted the red colour with orange red colour and used thick plain yoghurt instead of buttermilk to make it healthier (adding up more calcium, proteins and essential vitamins than a regular buttermilk). I also like to substitute my cakes with oil instead of butter and this time I have used rice bran oil which not only improves the taste or quality but also the shelf life of the cake. This cake has a hint of red and orange brownish colour can be made into layers with orange flavoured white butter cream frosting.


For the velvet cake

  • Rice Bran oil – ¾ (three fourth) Cup.
  • Castor Sugar – 1 Cup.
  • Eggs – 2 nos.
  • Orange red food colour – 2 teaspoons. (liquid)
  • Cocoa – 2 level tablespoons.
  • All-purpose flour – 2 cups.
  • Vanilla essence/orange essence – 1 Tablespoon.
  • Baking soda -1 teaspoon.
  • Thick Plain Yoghurt- half cup. (preferably homemade)

For the frosting

  1. Unsalted soft Butter – 100 grams.
  2. Icing sugar – 150 grams
  3. Orange essence- 1 teaspoon.
  4. Sugar marbles or sprinkles – as desired (optional).


  1. Grease and flour dust your baking pan. Keep aside and preheat your oven.
  2. Sieve the all-purpose flour and baking soda together in a bowl and keep aside
  3. In another large mixing bowl, cream together oil and sugar.
  4. Beat in the eggs using a hand or electric whisk.
  5. Add in cocoa and the food colour to the creamed mixture. ( the amount of cocoa can be adjusted to bring out a more lighter orange shade).
  6. Add the yoghurt and vanilla flavour, whisking on a low speed.
  7. Gently fold in the sieved flour mix to the creamed mix with a wooden spoon or spatula.  Combine well till all mixed. Do not overbeat it to ensure a fluffy cake.
  8. Quickly transfer the cake batter onto the flour dusted bake pan. Bake on 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 25-30 minutes.
  9. Bake till done and cool it upside down onto a cooling rack. Let the cake cool completely till ready for frosting.


Combine the unsalted butter and sugar well until creamy. Flavour it with orange essence and keep aside. Cut the cake into pieces or slice into layers. Pipe it out onto the cake using a piping bag or simply spread it with a palate knife. Decorate with chocolate curls or sprinkles or coloured sugar marbles.

8 thoughts on “Orange-Red velvet cake

  1. wow.. that sounds really yummy. I hope to try it asap. I especially liked the fact that you tried to increase its nutritional values too. Great idea, can’t wait to try it out myself. 🙂

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  2. I made heart-shaped red velvet cakes & packed it in hubby’s lunch box and it was nice & moist and yummy …I frosted it with a light cream cheese frosting … but I must say your Orange-Red Velvet Cake looks temptingly awesome and makes me just wanna whip up one now!!


    • Hello Asha!
      Thank you for taking your time to visit My Food Trolley….Rice bran oil is the oil extracted from the inner husk of rice, dont know the hindi name but will definitely check and let you know.Rice bran oil is easily available in supermarkets now days but not widely used. If you are looking for brand names for Rice Bran oil, I can send you more details about it.


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