Plum Jam

Jam making is the best way to preserve fruits when the seasonal fruits are in abundance. Like pickles, jams are also diving into the shelves of Indian kitchens. There are some general rules in Jam making and here I break all the rules and decide to make a simple homemade jam without adding pectin, citric acid or any preservatives.

There are certain things to be kept in mind before the jam making session. Firstly using the freshest and high quality fruits especially at the height of the season when the fruits have the best of flavor, texture and is the cheapest. Fruits should be sound, just ripe and never overripe. Secondly, using a wide heavy bottom pan and a wooden spoon are essential for jam making to make the work easier and simpler. The width of the pan helps more boiling surface and quick evaporation. The jam will boil up to three or four times its original quantity and the process is fast. So always use your strongest saucepan to avoid the jam burning easily when it reaches a high temperature. I have used a heavy bottom saucepan for making this jam. The storing glass jars or containers should be soaked or boiled in hot water for a few minutes, drained and left to dry before filling. Fill the jar with jam within half an inch of the top. Jams will set only if there is sufficient acid and sugar. For fruits which have less acid, lime juice or citric acid has to be added.

Homemade jams please one and all. They are easy to make and have a long shelf life too. You can also give away this jam in personalized packages for your loved ones to spread a festive cheer without much effort. Jam will often add on as sweet something anytime for cookies, biscuits, cakes or as a topping for any of your choice of desserts.


  1. Fresh ripe plums – 14 – 16 nos. (pitted and pureed)
  2. Sugar- equal to the measured quantity of pureed plums plus 1/4th cup.
  3. Lime juice- juice of half a lime.


  • Wash and deseed the plums. Prepare a puree of the plums by using a blender. You can add little water to make a smooth puree.
  • Transfer to a saucepan, add sugar and bring to a boil.
  • Boil it rapidly, till the froth disappears and the liquid bubbles all over the surface. Stir frequently with a long handled wooden spoon until it has reach a setting point. Squeeze in the juice of half the lime stirring well.
  • There are two ways to check whether the jam has reached the setting point- (a).Take a spoonful of jam onto a plate, cool and draw across it with the back of a metal spoon. If it wrinkles it has reached the setting point. (b). Let a few drops of jam fall into a saucer of cold water, if the jam jells, it is ready.
  • Draw the pan off the heat and let it cool. Transfer to the prepared containers. Seal or cover the containers when the jam is cold. The jam can be kept in room temperature.


One thought on “Plum Jam

  1. Oo, this sounds good, especially with the lime juice! I have plans to make jam with a friend two weeks from now, and we haven’t decided what kind to make yet, but maybe now we’ll see how the plums look at the farmer’s market…


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