Thai Style Egg and Vegetable curry.

Thai Red curry is now highly desirable on our table. Ever since I started making my own curry pastes at home, weekends especially Sundays everybody wants Thai curry with rice. Since it’s easy and simple, without any further talks I would go ahead and prepare this effortless meal. All you get to hear every time is “That just wasn’t enough” like a sort of addiction in an incredible level.

Vegetables with Boiled eggs in Thai red curry paste are not the kind of dish that Thai people would usually cook at home. Yes, this is not an authentic dish but is one of my own versions of coconut milk based red curry. After Chicken and prawns it was time to try it with eggs and some vegetables to it which can be stirred up in not more than 15-25 minutes once you have the paste ready. If you wish to make your own curry paste for this dish see the recipe for the Red Curry paste, or else you can always use a readymade store bought curry paste.

Thai Curries tend to be more soup like compared to thick Indian curries. This version is not soupy or very thick but somewhere in between, a mildly rich curry. The vegetable add sweetness and alleviates heat in the curry, seasoning with sugar and a good quality Thai fish sauce balances the flavor in the curry. The fish sauce helps to enrich the smell and taste of food, can also be used in place of salt or soy sauce. The fish sauce I use is authentic Thai contains 70 percent of anchovy extract. You can substitute fish sauce with light soy sauce. You can also skip the eggs and make it a vegetable delight using your choice of vegetables like potato, carrot, pumpkin, etc. The quantity made here is enough for four portions served with plain steamed rice.


  1. Red curry paste – 50 grams or one part (refer the red curry paste recipe).
  2. Diced vegetables – 300 – 350 grams (potatoes, carrots, eggplant, and capsicums).
  3. Coconut milk – 400 ml.
  4. Red Onion – 1 no (sliced).
  5. Light brown sugar – 2 teaspoons.
  6. Fish sauce – 2 teaspoons.
  7. Green chilies chopped – 2-4 nos.
  8. Fresh coriander leaves – 1 Tablespoon.
  9. Vegetable or Soybean Oil – 2 Tablespoons.
  10.  Hard boiled eggs – 3-4 nos.
  11.  Salt to taste.


  • Take a casserole pan and gently heat oil. Add the sliced onion and stir fry.
  • Add the curry paste to it and stir in for a minute. Add the green chilies and chopped coriander to it.
  • Add all the vegetables to it and stir well (Parboil the potatoes and carrots if required to save time for cooking). Cover the pan with a lid and let it simmer over for few minutes till the vegetables are done.
  • Slowly pour in the coconut milk and keep stirring on a medium flame. Add the fish sauce and brown sugar to season.
  • Lightly brown the whole boiled eggs in a little oil to crisp up the smooth white surface and add to the curry. Stir to combine and finish with salt as per taste. (Keep checking the amount of salt as it contains in the fish sauce and the curry paste). Serve hot with plain steamed rice in a bowl.

Parboiling is partial cooking by boiling for a brief period.


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