Prawn Rice Soup

prawn and rice soup

Warming casseroles and soups has its own pleasures for a cold weather. The weather at my place is still cold and forcing me to enjoy the fleeting pleasure. Nothing will be better to stir up simple humble soup to keep yourself warm.

An Asian style soup is extremely healthy and focus lies mainly on the freshness of the ingredients. Soups should always be maintained by not processing them too much and allowing the true flavors to speak once done. Ingredients should be the main character in the dish. Soups from scratch are not something that I like to do every day. Soups always turn up as something instant from an artsy can and sachets. Love for food has often made me ponder on what’s served on the plates across the globe. I tripped across this recipe in an article on Asian food and culture from an old educational magazine.  An Asian cuisine connected to my kitchen is something referred as glorious food to me.

Rice soups are also well known in the deeply rooted Indian food culture. Kanji an Indian version meal, similar to rice soup is not at all pleasing to anyone in my family. So I wasn’t sure if this style of cooking would be appreciated but I did not want to compromise so tried my twists and trials on this Rice soup recipe. Something peppery and seafood added to the soup in this cold climatic condition is perfect part for a hearty meal. Finally with the outcome, I am pleased to say that it was very well received and this made up my mind to add the soup on to ‘My Food Trolley’.

Short grained rice is usually used in rice soups mainly in China and Japan. Short grained rice is starchier and dissolves readily into soups. I have used local short grained Indian Basmati Mogra rice readily available in markets. Arborio Rice can also be used for this soup.  You can also opt out the chicken stock cube and use homemade chicken or vegetable stock. I have added juliennes of carrots to make it more healthy and colorful. Any type of fish can be added to this soup for prawns. The pepper can be increased to give a peppery kick to the soup.


cooked rice-horz


  1. Cooked rice- 3/4 th cup.
  2. Small sized prawns- 200 grams.
  3. Light soy sauce – 1 tablespoon.
  4. Fish Sauce – 1 tablespoon.
  5. Vegetable oil/ Sesame Oil – 1 tablespoon.
  6. Cilantro leaves and stems chopped- half cup. (Reserve few to garnish)
  7. Juliennes of Carrot- 1 no
  8. Grated fresh ginger- 1 tablespoon.
  9. Spring onions – 3 nos finely chopped including the green tops.
  10. Water – 3 cups
  11. Chicken stock cube -1 no.
  12. Salt – pepper to taste.



  • Coat the prawns with fish sauce, soya sauce and oil. Keep aside.
  • Stir in the rice with water in a pot or casserole and boil until almost tender for approximately for ten minutes.
  • Combine this tender soft rice with Cilantro, ginger, carrots, stock cube and salt-pepper bring it to boil. Reduce and simmer it covered stirring occasionally for 15 minutes.
  • Add the prawns to the pot and simmer until just done for 2 minutes. Check for seasoning and serve the soup hot garnished with cilantro leaves.

soup cooked

prawn rice soup


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