Mango Foule topped with Caramel shards

plated main mango foule

The month of May is here and mangoes have started showing up. Like cats purr on seeing fish we are also purring with delight on seeing these mangoes everywhere. As we delight in the love for this fruit, this summer, My Food Trolley gives a majestic start to an unmatched joy of bringing novelty to a dessert experience. This simple dessert will create a whole new meaning this summer making you crave for more and more.

second mango fool plated

Fool, foole or foule is a dessert that is sublime in its simplicity. This recipe is a refreshing and easy to make on a summer day. This humble dessert has fondly got the name as ‘Mango Fool’, yea, how can a beautiful and tasty dessert called a fool. Well this is not a fool’s recipe. The name comes from the French word foule which means pressed or crushed, that is usually a combination of fruits and thick cream allowed to set under refrigeration. I would like to call the original name for this dessert Foule instead of the common name ‘Fool’. Strawberries, raspberries, mulberries can also be used to make foule or fool.

mango fool plated

The original classic foule recipe calls for pureed fruit folded into whipped cream. I simply stewed the mango chunks in sugar and folded them in single cream that has just twenty five per cent fat. Here in India, we only have access to Amul cream that is tagged as a good quality cream, readily available in the markets or else we only have the option on switching to non-dairy whipped cream that is used  in commercial kitchens that’s not easily available everywhere. I also decided to dress up the mango foule by giving a glamorous topping of caramel shard to make it more exquisite.

prepared caramel shards

The caramel shard is as simple as making the praline recipe that I had shared on my Facebook page. The caramel shard is very crunchy and simply goes very well with the subtle flavour of mangoes and cream. It gives a shiny look of broken glass pieces on top of this great dessert. These caramel shards can also be used to decorate your cakes, cupcakes or fancy it on top of any dessert. Serve this dessert chilled in bowls or in rolly polly small glasses or even shot glasses. This recipe gives about six servings in small glasses.  Here’s the recipe for this gorgeous dessert that you must not miss to try.

mango stew procedure

whipping fresh cream


  1. Mangoes – 2 nos.
  2. Sugar- 1/4cup.
  3. Fresh Cream – 200 ml.
  4. Vanilla essence- 1 teaspoon.

For the caramel shard:

  1. Sugar – half cup
  2. Water – 3 tablespoons.


  • Peel the mangoes and separate the flesh of the mango from the stone. Cut the flesh into small cubes or roughly cut into chunks.
  • Take a pan and add sugar. Cook the mangoes with the sugar on a medium flame until the sugar melts and starts bubbling.
  • Continue to cook them while stirring as the water content slowly becomes less and the mangoes gives out an aromatic smell.
  • Cut the flame and transfer to a bowl to cool. Once it reaches room temperature, shift the bowl to the refrigerator to cool further.
  • Meanwhile chill the empty serving glasses in the refrigerator and keep aside.
  • Chill the bowl and the whisk beaters ahead before whipping the cream.
  • Take fresh cream and whip till it turns thick, creamy and start forming soft peaks. (This takes about 5-7 minutes to form into peaks).
  •  Flavour the cream by adding vanilla essence. Keep it aside chilled.
  • Fold together the mangoes and cream. Spoon into the chilled small glasses and chill for two hours to set.

mixing and folding the foule

  • Preparing caramel shards– Take sugar and water in a heavy bottom sauce pan. Melt the sugar without stirring, over low-medium heat until its bubbling, dissolved and golden brown Stir well at the end with a ladle and cut the flame. Spoon it over a greased marble top or a greased baking sheet. Spread it slowly tilting it well all around to form a thin layer of caramel. Allow to cool completely. Slowly break this caramel into shards or large pieces.
  • Arrange the caramel pieces on top of the mango foule once set and serve chilled.

caramel shard procedure

mango foule topped with a caramel shard


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