Homemade Easy Pistachio Ice cream


A cookbook ice cream recipe is usually custard base or French style ice creams. Other type of ice-cream is the Philadelphia style ice creams that are made with cream or milk mixing with other ingredients and flavours. French Ice creams tend to be smooth and rich due to the emulsifying features of the egg yolks. My ice-cream recipe that I am going to share is similar to the Philadelphia style.


This summer Internet is flooded with ice cream recipes. You will find every person sharing an ice cream picture on social media. Every ad on the television shows a snippet on how to whip an ice cream. I was planning to put up some other recipe here but thought let me also join this ice cream race before the hot summers turn cool.



For a long time, I used to make only rich French style ice creams. The egg yolks was slowly replaced with the fancy custard powder and as to make the process easier and quick, finally I switched to making ice cream using CMC and GMS powders. I was not at all happy with the preparations of ice creams at home due to the tedious time-consuming process. I thought of buying an ice cream machine to get the proper consistency and save time. The constant power cuts causing fluctuation in the temperature of the freezer of the refrigerator was not good enough for the available ice cream makers in the market which required pre-freezing the bowl. I didn’t find a good machine that was attractive enough to give a try. Finally, I dropped the idea of the ice cream maker.




Ice- cream making slowly started to set pace when I found out that Amul finally launched their Whipping cream. I gave it a try along with the regular available fresh cream adding some sweetened condensed milk set on a nice ice bath to whip thoroughly until the cream is emulsified well. Since then my freezer is stocked up by homemade ice cream.


Making without eggs this ice cream is much less rich than those with the custard base. Once the base is done, the added flavours shines through giving an intense taste with the light texture. The basic Philadelphia style ice cream recipe uses the combination of granulated sugar and liquid sugar such as agave syrup, corn syrup or golden syrup to keep the texture smooth and silky. Condensed milk added to the cream covers up the use of liquid sugar or syrup, giving the ice cream the much-needed texture. This recipe is endlessly customizable and nothing compares to a homemade ice cream, making summers more sweet and cool.


  1. Whipping cream             250 ml
  2. Fresh cream                     250 ml
  3. Condensed milk              400 gm
  4. Cardamom essence        half teaspoon
  5. Pistachio essence            one teaspoon
  6. Food colour green           2 drops (optional)
  7. Salted Pistachio                half cup.



  • Pour out cold whipping cream in a chilled bowl placed on top of an ice bath. Whip with an electric whisk till the cream is stiff, like stiff egg whites. Once done keep the bowl into the refrigerator to keep the cream chilled
  • Take out fresh cream in another bowl on top of the ice bath and whisk, till it forms soft peaks. Slowly add in the condensed milk and whisk until the mixture is thick.
  • Add in both the cardamom and pistachio essence with the  liquid food colour.
  • Now take out the stiff chilled whipping cream and fold in slowly with the cream and condensed milk mix.
  • Transfer into freezer safe containers and allow to freeze for two hours. After two hours take it out and put in the pistachios or nuts on top or mix into the ice cream. Transfer again to the freezer and allow it to freeze for at least three hours or overnight. Serve chilled. Keeps for up to 2 weeks.


Read on before whipping your Ice cream

  • Place the whipping cream, fresh cream and condensed milk in the fridge to keep cold.
  • Prepare an ice bath by putting in ice with a little cold water in a large utensil. Set a bowl on top of it so its well placed in the ice water and put it away in the freezer to set. This will help the bowl to be in place while you whip the cream without slipping. This will also help whip your cream quickly without any chance of over whipping, keeping everything nice and cold for better results.
  • Add in nuts and sprinkles or fruits into the ice cream only after two hours or once softly set. This will help to mix in the nuts and fruits uniformly into the ice cream without sinking to the bottom. Always chop your nuts and fruits into small bits before adding to the ice cream.
  • I have used Amul Brand -Whipping cream of 30 per cent fat, fresh cream of 25 percent fat and sweetened condensed milk. You can still try other brands of similar fat content or more. If whipping cream is not available in your area you can use in just the fresh cream with condensed milk.
  • You can also add in non-dairy fresh cream in place of whipping cream with the fresh cream to get the desired consistency. These are just options that you can try if a particular ingredient is not available to you. Following this recipe will give the perfect results. You can also double the ingredients to make larger quantities.


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