Steamed Chicken And Rice Momo

Relocating to any new city is very stressful and it can be very challenging when you are not prepared for it. I was just forced to make the big move when my husband got transferred to the corporate head office. That was how I came across the fast paced city of NCR-Delhi with extreme weather conditions. The city had very beautiful things to offer but to survive and thrive was quite challenging for me. Initially I hated being there as I had never experienced a winter like that of Delhi which makes you shiver with a numb and the summers were ruthless. Winters were the times when you need nothing but something hot and steamy, and it was the hot chaats and momos that would be easily visible. Almost every area in Delhi NCR flaunts a momo kiosk or stall making it a popular food item.

The hot steamy delectable momos were served with red chili-garlic sauce and creamy mayonnaise. These momos are available both in vegetarian and non vegetarian versions. These are fried, steamed and even you can get tandoor momos. The non vegetarian variant will let the juices drip in your mouth if you are true momo lover, as that is the consistency of the taste you can never neglect. It’s very time consuming as you need a lot of patience to shape the covering, which is nothing but a dumpling like dough of all purpose flour that is thin, tender with a mouth feel of silkiness. The flavours also depend on good ingredients you pick for its preparation. This recipe which I am sharing doesn’t need a covering but instead it is covered with rice making it easier to prepare. The filling is well balanced with the rice that is not greasy and nice in flavor.  It is small and super comforting and it’s easy for one person to finish ten of them in no time. Its healthier with a good amount of protein, is a one dish by itself. You can also serve it as an appetizer or as a healthy snack too.

I had posted few snapshots of my chicken and rice momo on my watsapp and on my Facebook stories of my page. I received tons of requests to share the recipe; it was during this time of the month as people stayed at home and were aimed to break the monotony in the kitchen. I kept on sending many messages but one of my closest friends called me and asked me to share it on the blog. She was so keen that if I am blogging I will give a detailed recipe and it’s infallible. That was an encouragement for me from few of my lovely followers who kept on motivating me to continue blogging. Many followers and friends send DMs asking me queries or solutions; even when something goes wrong in their kitchen, which is enough to bring smile on my face and sometimes it is a praise sandwich.

This recipe is worth a try, even if it’s your first time you end up with a very decent and delicious result. This also makes it a perfect momo that can be served hot just right after its done. If you are hosting a party or pot luck, you can just shape them up and set it ready in the steamer. Steam them anytime when you want and serve hot.


  1. Chicken mince- 250 gms
  2. Small red onion- half no.
  3. Green chillies- 2nos
  4. Garlic cloves- 4-5 nos
  5. Ginger- half inch piece
  6. Salt and pepper to taste
  7. Coriander leaves- few
  8. Mint leaves –few
  9. Light soy sauce- half table spoon (optional)
  10. Juice of half lemon.
  11. Oil to grease
  12. Basmati rice- half cup.


  • Wash and soak Basmati rice for three hours. Drain and keep it aside. Lay it onto a tray or a plate to dry off the excess water.
  • Mince chicken and season with salt and pepper, soy sauce and lemon.
  • Chop the rest of the ingredients very nicely preferably in a chopper.
  • Add it to the chicken mince and combine well.
  • Grease your palm with oil and shape the chicken mince into small lemon size balls.
  • Carefully coat each chicken ball with the soaked rice until well coated. Rest aside.
  • Keep your steamer ready with enough water. Grease the steamer plate with oil and carefully place the momos in the steamer to steam.
  • Steam for 20 minutes approximately. Serve hot with red chili- garlic sauce and mayonnaise. You can also make your own dipping sauce using Chinese black vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil in equal quantities. You can even add few ginger slices or fresh chili oil to make your own variation.

I have served them with home style garlic chutney and extra hot Sriracha sauce along with Creamy mayonnaise and both goes well with these momos. Always keep the momos in a closed pan to avoid drying of the outer rice; this will also keep the momos soft and juicy for a long time.

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