One Bowl Quick chocolate Brownie and completing 10 years of Blogging

Simple meals always make me happy, satiated, and in tune with my body. I always like to share my real raw cooking here with my readers and followers. I don’t believe in the rat race to create content, post filtered food pics or show you plates of food created daily, no matter what it tastes like!

It has been a while since I posted a recipe on my website, as there have been a few things keeping me really busy, so please bear with me as I share glimpses of what I cook while keeping my spirits up to continue to do what I love.

Recently, the recipe requests made me sit down to put up a post for my one-bowl quick chocolate brownie. When I shared the picture of this brownie on my Facebook page, my messenger was filled with a few requests for the recipe. I have a number of followers who frequently ask me for recipes, and sometimes it makes me wonder whether they really try them or if it’s something else. There are only a very few genuine followers who follow my recipe and send me messages on how it worked well for them.

Overall, I have become more productive and more relaxed in my content sharing decisions. Some even told me to stop blogging and instead create videos. This space is just a small sharing platform where I share my piece of mind about my love for cooking. I am a very private person and would not like to expand these to other social media. You can always follow my website and follow my Facebook page for frequent updates. It’s been 10 years and I have more than a thousand followers on My Food Trolley. Many may come up and say 10 years and a thousand is no big deal, but it means a lot to me as these followers had faith in my recipes and have always encouraged me from the start.  The initial followers on my blog are still with me after ten years, whether I blog on a regular basis or not.

This post has a quick recipe, without my usual step by step pictures. I think this recipe doesn’t need any special explanation with notes, and it is a simple beginner’s recipe. Just follow the measurements properly and you will get a brownie to your heart’s content. If you find this recipe interesting and simple to prepare, Let me know your feedback which I am sure it will.




One bowl chocolate brownies.



Good quality chocolate- 125 to 140 gms approx.
( cooking or compound chocolate)
Sugar 1 cup (granulated).
Cocoa 1/4 cup
Plain flour 3/4 cup.
Eggs 3 nos.
Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon.
Butter 100gms


Melt butter and chopped chocolate on a double boiler. Make sure it’s just melted not overly hot as chocolate will seize. Take
off the boiler. Powder the granulated sugar and mix with the chocolate. Add
eggs one by one and mix, add vanilla. Finally, fold in cocoa and flour. Do not
overly mix. Transfer to a 7 inch square cake pan and Bake at 165C for 25 minutes. Allow to cool in the pan and serve.


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