My name is Smitha……………………….and Welcome to “My Food Trolley”!!!
I started this blog to share my love for food and cooking. I have always been fond of cooking and there’s nothing better than cooking from scratch.


“My Food Trolley” is all about making your food exquisite, delicious and easy to cook.

Here you’ll find a collection of  recipes from around the world, adapted creatively from my culinary institute, from cookery books of food experts, some recipes developed on my own and some inspired from professional chefs. All the recipes are tried and tested in my kitchen successfully. These recipes are recreated to make it easier, delicious and assembled all to make the plated food look more appealing to the eyes.

At “My Food Trolley” I will provide you with detailed recipes and step by step instructions through pictures wherever necessary along with measurements that can be followed very easily. All the pictures clicked and posted here are from my kitchen, are just guidelines for making food more exotic and easy reference.

Every entry and picture posted for this blog has been created with a great effort of time and hard work, so please be courteous and kindly do not use it without a prior permission.
I hope you will like my recipes and will inspire you to get into your kitchen to prepare them for your family and friends. I thank you for dropping by and taking your time to visit “My Food Trolley”.


My Food Trolley Recipe Post of Spicy Grilled Chicken from My Food Trolley Featured on 12 Healthy Grilled Chicken Recipes in Under 30 Minutes – Bainbridge Today…Check in here to the fourth recipe from the list. This also happens to be one of the most popular recipes tried and welcomed by many.

Please be free to comment and give suggestions or ideas to help me share my recipes with you all in a better way.

Happy Cooking And Be Healthy.

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